The world of video is shifting gears into High Definition. In 2009, the market finally reached critical mass, with the installed base of HD TV Plasma and LCD displays finally outnumbering their non-HD forbearers. 50% of Americans surveyed in 2009 had at least one HD TV set in their home. Connecticut, with its affluent residents, rates even higher for HD TV adoption. From 2009 onwards, the dominant, best-selling flat panel HD TVs were 1080P-native.

Now more than ever, competitive businesses need to look their best, and that means getting their message out in HD. There are several flavors of HD, including 720P, 1080i and 1080P. The last one is really awesome to behold, as it literally looks like a high quality photograph in motion.

Comparison between standard broadcast-quality video and 1080P HD video. The red rectangles represent the entire frame (not to scale) and the yellow rectangles represent the detail area shown at actual size for comparison. Notice that the HD has SIX TIMES as much area and the quality of detail area is superior in resolution, color and latitude.